Solidus of Phocas

dN FOCAS PERP AVG, facing bust of Phocas, with mustache and pointed beard; draped and cuirassed, wearing crown with pendilla and cross on orb, holding cross in left hand / VICTORI(A) AVGU; officina letter (E?); victory figure standing frontal, holding staff with Christogram in left hand and globus cruciger in right hand; mintmark CONOB.

The emperor Phocas (Greek: Φωκᾶς), r. 602-610, is depicted as sole emperor. Phocas reintroduced the Victory figure holding a long staff with a Christogram or a long cross, which was replaced with a cross potent on steps by Tiberius II Constantine (r. 574-582) and reinstated by Heraclius in 610.

Provenience: CN 270, Found in Room H along with other coins and jewelry of the Our Lady Monastery, Beth Shean, 1930

Date: 602–610 C.E.

Length: 19mm

Weight: AV; 4.48 g

Object Number: 31-50-394 (Field No. 30-10-369)

Museum Record

Further Reading:

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