The Round Church is one of the most iconic and enigmatic structures excavated in Byzantine Beth Shean.  It occupied a position on top of the summit that overlooked the city and been highly visible against the backdrop of the sky and the nearby buildings.  Excavations at the summit first discovered its presence near the end of the 1921 season.  

Beneath the remains of buildings from the later Islamic and Crusader periods of the city, excavators revealed a highly unusual set of foundations for a church built in a circular shape.  Large capitals and columns, some reused from earlier buildings, signified a building of obvious importance.  That they had been marked with graffiti also suggested that parts of the Church remained visible to residents and travelers long after the structure's collapse.

A number of visually stunning objects testify to the wealth invested in the Round Church's appearance.  Multicolored mosaics lined the floors and walls while bright marble columns stretched into the sky.