Copper Follis of a Byzantine Emperor from the Tel

Obverse completely obscured / Large M, ANNO at left; regnal year XI at right; officina mark (B) beneath M; mintmark NIKO

Although it has been suggested that this follis, minted at Nicomedia, is of the Emperor Justin II (r. 565-574 CE), the regnal year XI indicates that this could not be a correct attribution since Justin II was only in rule for nine years.

Provenience: Cistern, Area 1597, Level II, the Tel

Date: ca. 6th c. C.E.

Height: 25mm

Weight: CU, 12.23 g

Object Number: 32-15-338 (Field No. 31-10-336b)

Museum Record

This coin was found in a cistern in Area 1597, Level II, on the Tel.