Liturgical Objects from Beth Shean

The liturgical objects found at Beth Shean represent the broad spectrum of items used in the ceremonies of the major religions of late antique Beth Shean: Christianity, Judaism, Samaritanism and Paganism.  The objects found fulfilled a variety of purposes.  The bread stamp and strainer aided in the preparation of bread and wine for the Eucharist.  The censer and incense shovel were used for burning of incense, an act that took place in the services of all the major religions of Beth Shean.  The polycandelon held candles that illuminated sacred spaces.

Some of these objects were uncovered in and sacred spaces. The bread stamp was close to the Round Church.  The counterweight and strainer were interred in room H of the Monastery of Lady Mary in a hoard that included coins and jewelry.  Other liturgical objects from Beth Shean come from graves (the incense shovel) and the domestic areas of the Tel (the censer, the bronze door knocker, and the polycandelon).  It is thought that the accouterments of the Round Church may have been scattered when this building ceased to be used.