Column and Capital

This green marble column and capital had a long life in Beth Shean.  Originally part of the 3rd c. Roman Temple, it was reused in the Round Church on the Tel.  After this structure fell into disrepair, the column fell to the ground and was inscribed with Hebrew and Arabic graffiti.  

The column contains the following inscriptions in Arabic:

#1 - “[This is] the writing of Ahmad ibn Sa‘id ibn al-Khattab al-Bajali, in the spring of the year 190 [= January–March, 806].”

#2 - [Very Fragmentary] No.... in....... nor in.. and every day.........

#3 - In the name of Allah, Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah.

#4 - In the name of Allah, inscription of... (incomplete)

In addition, there are two inscriptions in Hebrew:

#1 - In the name of the Lord, we will do and we shall prosper.

#2 - Great shall be the peace of thy sons.

Provenience: Round Church

Date: Late 3rd/Early 4th c. CE

Object Numbers: 29-107-905B- Column (No Field Number)

                            29-107-905C - Capital (No Field number)

Column Museum Record

Capital Museum Record

Further Reading:

Harris, Nick.  "Columns in Lower Egypt."  Expedition Magazine 55, Issue 1 (2013).

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