Bronze Coin with Emperor's Bust from the Monastery

Blundered legend, bust of an emperor facing right / blundered legend, --- ΤΩΝ---Ν(?), victory figure striding left, wreath in outstretched left hand, trophy, palm branch or scale (?) in right hand

This coin, while unrecognizable, shares similarities with earlier Greco-Roman coinage. It was found, along with the bronze coin with a tyche and palm tree, in Room O of the Our Lady Monastery, north of the drain, in a manner suggesting that it was discarded or lost, perhaps because it was recognized as having no value in the Byzantine era.

Provenience: CN 270, Found in Room O of the Our Lady Monastery, Beth Shean, 1930

Length: 15mm

Weight: AE; 6.33 g

Object Number: 31-50-356 (Field No. 30-10-320A)

Museum Record

Further Reading:

Fitzgerald, Gerald M. 1939. A Sixth Century Monastery at Beth-Shan. Page 11, Fig. 13.

 This coin, along with the bronze coin with a tyche and palm tree, was found north of the drain close to the town wall in Room O of the Our Lady Monastery, in a manner suggesting it was lost or discarded.