Follis of Tiberius II Constantine

Blundered legend, ---NAT, facing bust of Tiberius II Constantine, crowned and cuirassed, holding mappa in left and an eagle-tipped scepter in right / Large M, ANNO at left, regnal year III at right; cross above; mintmark THEUPO

Depicting Tiberius II Constantine (Greek: Φλάβιος Τιβέριος Κωνσταντίνος, or Τιβέριος Β´), r. 578-582, this follis was produced at Antioch, the closest mint geographically to Beth Shean. Although worn, the coin is identifiable by the eagle-tipped scepter, a characteristic of Tiberius’ repertoire. The “M” on the reverse indicates its worth (40 nummi), while the III indicates it was produced in the third regnal year (577).

Provenience: CN 270, Found in Room H of the Our Lady Monastery, Beth Shean, 1930

Date: 577 C.E.

Length: 27mm

Weight: AE; 11.1 g

Object Number: 31-50-384 (Field No. 30-10-307)

Museum Record

CN 270, This object was found in Room H of the Our Lady Monastery, Beth Shean, 1930. Plan from Fitzgerald, Gerald M. 1939. A Sixth Century Monastery at Beth-Shan, plate II.