Dionysus/Satyr - Frieze Fragment

This sculpted limestone head, either Dionysus or a Satyr, is a frieze fragment from the Roman Temple on the Tel.  As such, it would have occupied a prominent position prior to the construction of the Round Church.  

The object is carved as a face with overly large features, including droopy eyes and a flattened nose.  Grape clusters adorn the top of the head.  This sculpture is typical of temple ornamentation in Beth Shean prior to and during the Roman period.

Provenience:  Pre-Byzantine Layer, N.W. area, Level III or IV, the Tel

Date: Late 2nd/ Early 3rd c. CE

Height: 25 cm

Width: 24.5 cm

Object Number: 29-107-919 (Field No. 3112)

Museum Record